The history of Sixt

Sixt was founded in Munich Germany in 1912 by Mr. Martin Sixt. He called his company „Sixt Autofahrten und Selbstfahrer“. With only three cars, he started what is now an internationally known brand.

After handing the company over to his nephhew, Hans Sixt, the WWII German troops confiscated all of Sixt rental vehicles. A single Mercedes 230 Landaulet hidden in a barn made it through the war.

The business was relaunched after the war and an export taxi fleet set up for the US Army but it wasn‘t until 1951 that „Auto Sixt“ Rent a Car was established.

In the seventies Sixt opened offices in all major German Airports and in the early nighties the company started it‘s international expansion. 130 stations were opened around France, in Paris, Nice and Lyon and other cities as well as in all major airports in Great Britain. By the end of the decade, Sixt had opened over a thousand stations around Europe and booking and business offices in USA, Canada and Australia. The first Sixt franchise countries were France, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Greece, Malta and the Czech Republic.

Under it‘s current leadership, Sixt has grown to become the worldwide enterprise it is today. Erich Sixt, the son of the formerly mentioned Hans Sixt, and his wife Regine Sixt as well as their two sons, Konstantin and Alexander have expanded the once small German family business into a global and innovative business enterprise.



Sixt can now be found in 105 countries worldwide.

Sixt has 1846 Sixt offices worldwide.

Sixt has 1196 rental vehicles worldwide.

Sixt has 3.052 employees worldwide.